A Father-Daughter Business

Father Daughter Builds was founded in 2019 by Jessica Ford and her father Gary Bishop in Pensacola, Florida. They love working together, and have since built a close team of building professionals that come from various backgrounds but all share the same passion for designing and building beautiful homes for families in their community.

|How it began…

Jessica grew up admiring her father who is an engineer and entrepreneur, and was often mesmerized by the blueprints he would have around the house. She would dream about building homes and designing rooms and had a natural curiosity about the process throughout her life. After attending University of Florida, she decided to begin a nursing career in labor and delivery and fell in love with her role of providing care for families welcoming new babies.

In 2019, she was given the opportunity to finally fulfill her dream of designing and building homes when she saw a property go up for sale in her hometown that was prime for a new build. She knew with her dad’s expertise in structural engineering, she and her father could build something beautiful. After a successful first project working together, it was clear… they were onto something great.

Jessica quickly went after her residential contractor license and continued to feed her love for design and construction as she and her father founded FD Builds to be an alternative to the common builder-grade homes in their community.

|The FD Difference

FD Builds was established with the intention of providing a better, more personal experience for homebuyers. Unsatisfied with the typical, unexciting housing design they would see in their community, they set out to bring more character and warmth to people’s homes. They built a close-knit team around them that shared their desire to provide families with well-built, forever homes they could be proud of.

Serving the communities of Northwest Florida, FD Builds is committed to providing home buyers with quality homes with an extra touch of heart that makes all the difference.

The Team

Jessica Ford

Co Founder & Owner

The driving force behind day to day operations, Jessica has a passion and an eye for design and has her state certified residential contractor license. She was a labor and delivery nurse for 8 years before founding FD Build and has delivered over 1,500 babies during her career. Her passion for caring for families has translated into her role at FD Builds as she strives to provide the best homes for families in her community.

When she’s not working, Jessica enjoys traveling - especially to parts of the world with breathtaking architectural design – but she is most passionate about her family at home. She loves beach fishing with her husband Austin and their 200lb great dane Apollo. She is extremely grateful to work with her father, who was the inspiration that started the FD Builds journey.

Gary Bishop

Co Founder & Owner

Gary has been in the construction industry for over 40 years. After graduating from Auburn University with a degree in civil engineering, he began his career as a professional engineer in the state of Florida. With a passion for serving people in his hometown, he ended up as the County Engineer/Public Works Director of Escambia county for 8 years. In 1992 he started independently consulting with a focus on structural and site plan engineering and brings his expertise to FD Builds as they work closely with his own firm.

Gary loves all things sports (especially Auburn football), and he values integrity and doing everything he sets his mind to with excellence and character. His greatest accomplishment in life is the family he has built with his wife. They have two daughters, two sons, and nine grandchildren.

Corey Kelly


Corey grew up on sites with his grandfather, a contractor, who taught him tricks of the trade early on. His father, Larry, worked at an architectural firm, and with a family so ingrained in the construction industry, it was only natural that Cory would end up a master field welder and jack of all trades. Cory has worked in construction since 2005, and holds certifications in Welding-FCAW, GTAW, SMAW- Structural and 6G pipe, and Occupational Safety Health. He brings a variety of skills to the team including carpentry, framing, welding, pipe work, and more.

When he’s not working, you’ll find Corey adventuring outside with a fishing pole, in a kayak, on a hike, or enjoying the beach with friends and family.

Larry Kelly

Production Manager

Larry has been immersed in the construction industry since age 12, when he would spend time on sites with his contractor father - who carried on the tradition with his son, Corey. Through adulthood, he held positions in residential roofing, concrete laying, residential framing, and site work and surveying. He has his CPBD certification and is an expert at visualizing space, form, scale, and balance.

When he isn’t on site, he enjoys spending time with family and being in the great outdoors fishing. He also enjoys going to the gym and is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Most of all, he loves to spend time with family and is the first to offer a helping hand with any projects around the house.

Dave Gilbert

Senior Construction Manager

Dave has been in the field of building construction since 1969. A military veteran, Dave was provided the opportunity to lead many projects around the world. He has built many of the commercial buildings in the area and has completed several large customs homes in his career. He has expert knowledge in building and construction management with his 50+ years in the


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Whether you want ready-for-you floorplans or a custom home design, FD Builds is your one-stop-shop for the best home building experience. Every step is handled with care, from the design process, to planning & permitting, to building out your perfect home with custom finishes that make all the difference.

Whether you want ready-for-you floorplans or a custom home design, FD Builds is your one-stop-shop for the best home building experience. Every step is handled with care, from the design process, to planning & permitting, to building out your perfect home with custom finishes that make all the difference.

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